To be very frank, setting goals for ourselves is a fact that is easier said than done. There have been countless scenarios where people set goals for themselves pertaining to different aspects of their lives such as spiritual, physical fitness, educational advancement etc and they end up not sticking to it for more than a week. This can easily get tiring, therefore, to be successful you have to set goals and actually achieve them. For example, starting a fitness journey and loosing the weight is termed a success or setting a goal for your education and actually achieving it is termed a success. Where most people miss it in setting goals and attaining them is that they fail to apply the simple approach of making use of what I term the 3D’s system for success.

The next question you’ll obviously be asking yourself is “what does the term 3D’s approach to Success mean?” Simply put, it stands for using carefully thought out steps of Decision making, Determination and Discipline to achieve your goals. They are very important determinants of successful outcomes in your chosen field.


“Make a decision! If that doesn’t work, make another, and another, and another. Keep doing it until you break through” — Brain Tracy

Decision making is basically the first step towards achieving your goals and to be successful. It is making a conscious decision of a particular goal and actually going for it. It requires taking your time to weigh the pros and cons, your alternative options as well as the reason for setting these goals. For example, if you want to begin a fitness journey, you have to decide on the specific amount of weight you want to loose. This will serve as a constant motivation for you to achieve your fitness goals. The same goes for setting goals towards your business, you have to determine the amount of profit you need to make as an entrepreneur for the week, month or year, and write it down. Writing down your goals is an important step towards the right direction of actually achieving them as it will motivate you to keep going.


“Success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination” — Zig Ziglar.

This is the next big step towards achieving success after you have made the decision to proceed on a venture. It simply means the ability to continue performing the necessary tasks even in the face of unprecedented challenges. Terms such as perseverance, persistence and endurance are all synonymous to determination. Most of the time, the general issues with setting goals and achieving them is consistency. Consistency goes hand in hand with determination. To be determined means that you have made up your mind to cross any hurdle along the way. Just as the saying goes that the end justifies the means, same goes for determination. For example, in your health and fitness journey, there will come a time when the exercise and diet regimen might prove to be very difficult. Persevering through these hard times will surely lead to the desired outcome. Same theory goes for when you set an educational goal and the subjects are proving to be too hard to comprehend. Becoming persistent and looking for helpful resources will propel you towards successfully completing the class. Determination is a very essential attribute of very successful people.


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievement.” – Jim Rohn

When you set goals for the different aspects of your life, there are certain rules you have to follow to ensure that you successfully achieve them. Discipline simply means setting a goal and achieving it following the rules and instructions regardless of anything. Discipline is what glues decision making and determination together. For example, setting deadlines for yourself in your writing career is a sure way to motivate yourself into action. Following through and meeting up with deadlines is a panacea to becoming a successful writer. Same goes for students; setting a study timetable for yourself and following it judiciously will help you achieve success. When you translate this mantra to an entrepreneur’s journey, it may lead to a successful life. This is why some high achievers in the society are sticklers to certain routines.


It is important that you remember that when setting goals for yourself, you have to know what you want, be very determined towards achieving your goal and be disciplined with the rules you set for yourself. Trying to apply this 3D’s approach to success is a good way of achieving your goals and becoming successful on whatever field you choose.

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